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Solar Site Developers

Solar Site Acquisition and Development

Solar Site Acquisition and Development to  Commercial Solar Developers


Our Featured Properties

Solar Site Developers takes pride in providing pre-vetted commercial solar properties that can be developed with maximum financial return.. Found on this page are currently available properties and a sample of recent successful transactions. Please contact Solar Site Developers for additional information about our current properties.

Sandy Creek, NY

64 Acres. currently farmed. POI 0.72 miles, approx yield-12MW

Hammond. NY

225 Acres, 2.9 miles to substation, currently farmed

Carver, MA SOLD

27 Acres. Cranberry Bog. Approx yield 4.8MW. POI at site.

Scriba, NY -SOLD

50 Acres. POI at site. transmission line 1 mile

Locke, NY

133 Acres. Currently farmed. Transmission line 1-mile. Approx yield 25MW

Grove City, PA

35 Acres, POI at site, sub - 2 miles, currently farmed

Volney, NY- SOLD

153 Acres. Currently farmed. Approx yield- 24.9 MW. POI at site.

Boonville, NY

62.4 Acres. Currently farmed. Substation 1-mile. Approx yield 12MW

Burke, NY

58 Acres. Currently farmed. Approx yield- 10MW. POI <0.4 mi.

Ogdensburg, NY - SOLD

86 Acres. Vacant land. Approx yield- 14MW. POI at site